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Why Schedule Your Next Oil Change Service With Steve Hopkins Honda

Many drivers may find it simple to check the oil level in their vehicles, but it isn't always the same answer when their car is ready for it's next oil change service. Here at our dealership in Fairfield, our Honda service technicians are trained and educated to know your vehicle inside and out. Although an oil change may not be one of the most difficult of services to provide to our customers, there are many times where our professionals come across potential risks or current problems that could affect the vehicle's health. These types of problems are not always found when you choose to perform an oil change by yourself. If our service technicians discover any problems with your vehicle, you can be sure that you will notified immediately and we will recommend the proper solution to keep you safely driving on the road.

Not all synthetic oils are the same. Remember:

• Honda has developed strict standards to help ensure your car always gets the high-quality oil it deserves.
• The right oil provides optimal lubrication and protection-even under more extreme driving conditions.
• It also helps your car's engine stay clean, reducing overall wear, and maximizing its performance.
• Oil approved by Honda remains more stable at higher temperatures instead of beginning to break down.
• Regular oil changes with the right oil can improve your car's fuel economy.

Why would I go to a dealer if it costs more?

It actually doesn't and here's why:

• Quality motor Oil
• Lube Chassis
• Multi-Point inspection
• Parts from Factory Honda
• Nationwide Warranty
• Competitively priced
• factory trained Technicians
Honda Ultimate Full Synthetic Motor Oil
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Experience Honda's Express Service

Honda's Express Service was created to provide customers with quick, easy and affordable solutions for services such as an oil change or check engine light maintenance.

Quick: Maintaining the reliability of your vehicle is important to us, but we understand you need to get back on the road as soon as possible. This is why we offer you an experience that is quick, yet maintains the quality through the use of Honda Genuine Parts installed by Honda-factory trained technicians.

Easy: We understand that you can't plan when that maintenance light will appear. This is why we offer quick while-you-wait service.

Affordable: We understand you bought a Honda because of its value and we want to extend that value to our service department. Not only will you find our prices affordable, we offer you a variety of amenities while you wait.

Our Express Service includes:

  • Check for engine oil leaks
  • Inspect back-up light operation
  • Inspect fog lights and headlight low and bright beam operation
  • Check windshield and glass for cracks, chips and pitting
  • Fill windshield washer fluid
  • Measure tread depth on all tires
  • Inspect overall tire wear and condition
  • Check and adjust pressure on all tires
  • Inspect hazard light operation
  • Inspect taillight, turn signal, side marker and license plate lights
  • Inspect windshield wiper and washer operation
  • Check brake fluid level and condition
  • Perform battery performance test
  • Check engine coolant level and check for leaks
  • Inspect brake light operation
  • Inspect all vehicle wiper blades
  • Inspect malfunction indicator lamp (MIL)/warning lamp
  • Inspect battery cables and clean terminals

If you opt to change your oil yourself, be sure to use oil that complies with Honda quality standards for your car's engine. A lot of oils are labeled "synthetic," but may not adhere to the strict standards developed by Honda. If you have any questions about which oil is the right choice for your vehicle, please schedule time to meet with a Service Consultant at Steve Hopkins Honda serving Solano County.