The exterior of the Honda CR-V is a true master class in design and functionality. Whether you're running errands around Fairfield, CA, or taking a road trip to your favorite destination, the Honda CR-V at Steve Hopkins Honda can make your ride more enjoyable and stylish with its exceptional exterior features.

To help you find your way during foggy conditions, every Honda CR-V features LED fog lights. These lights shine low to the ground to prevent vision trouble when light bounces off the water droplets in the fog. When not in use, the well-designed lights help to round out the overall appearance of the front end of the Honda CR-V.

Speaking of the Honda CR-V's front end, you'll appreciate the small details included in this important area of the vehicle. Chrome accents add a classy touch, while smooth corners create an effortless flow to the rest of the vehicle. Thanks to the heavy use of black components on the front end, you also end up with a sporty appearance that's sure to appeal to serious car buyers.

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