When rain falls on roads in Fairfield, CA, the water mixes with oil and other residues. The resultant slickness could cause cars to slide or skid, creating a dangerous situation. At 35 mph, the risk is high. Anything above that might be even riskier. Certainly, driving at a safe speed reduces the chances of hydroplaning. There are other things a driver can do to curtail risks.

Don't neglect tire care. Worn treads and other traction-reducing problems increase the chances of losing control. Rotate and replace tires on schedule. Make sure you have the right tire pressure at all times, Overinflation and underinflation may decrease traction.

Drive wisely and safely. Avoid puddles and pooling water on the road. Don't travel down outer lanes, as water may accumulate there. Try to control your turns and avoid braking hard.

If you want to keep your car in good shape, bring it to our service department. At Steve Hopkins Honda, we handle many different aspects of vehicle care.

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