Brake fluid is a hydraulic-type fluid that plays a key role in your braking system. Your car needs brake fluid to stop, and because brake fluid corrodes over time by absorbing moisture in the air, it’s important to service your brake fluid from time to time. Some manufacturers recommend periods of one to two years, and others recommend brake fluid service based on mileage.

When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, you are moving brake fluid through the lines and compressing the brake pistons, squeezing the brake pads into the turning brake disks. Air bubbles and corrosion are unwanted in the braking system, as they can cause problems with performance.

If you feel a breaking issue in your car, whether the pedal is squishy or the car has excessive vibrating when stopping, bring your car into our dealership in Fairfield, CA where we will be happy to do a full inspection on your brake system.

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