All cars can have problems at times, but sometimes it is very difficult to know what is wrong. Apart from the vehicle not being able to start, there could be some other things to look for.

If the car makes a grinding noise when you start it, that might be a sign that the starter drive gear is not engaging correctly, or it might even be worn out. If you start the car and instead of the engine turning over, it makes a whining noise, then this is called freewheeling. This means that the starter and flywheel are not engaging together. It could result in needing a new starter. Obviously, smoke is never a good thing when dealing with a car. This might be an indication that the electrical system is drawing too much energy to the starter. If there is an oil leak, this can also cause a problem with the starter. Lastly, if the solenoid is not working properly, then this could also cause problems with the starting.

If there is an ignition or starter problem, it is possible that these will be some of

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