What's the Best Way to Use Dual 4WD Settings?

Ever go to Steve Hopkins Honda and see vehicles that have multiple 4WD drive controls? You might not be as familiar with what each of these are for.

Four-high (4H) mode allows you to drive at relatively normal speeds while getting a little extra traction out of your drivetrain. This setting is good for when bad weather mucks up the highways going into Fairfield, CA.

Vehicles also commonly have a four-low (4L) setting, which is closer to what most people think of when they hear the term four-wheel drive. You usually can't drive faster than maybe 40mph at the most when this mode is engaged. It's designed for doing hardcore work like climbing hills without slipping or driving through heavy mud.

Some vehicles also have automatic four-wheel drive controls. This allows an onboard computer to automatically switch the vehicle into four-wheel drive mode when it detects one of the wheels slipping.

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