Taking the time to clean your vehicle’s tires and wheels can provide a great finishing touch to your freshly washed car, truck or van. Keep reading to discover several tips that will allow you to make short work of this often-overlooked task.

As with most cleaning jobs, it’s important to first gather all the supplies that you'll need. For proper cleaning, you should have a soft-bristle tire brush, a bucket of soapy water, a source of clean water, an auto detailing towel and tire cleaning solution.

The tires should be pre-rinsed and gently scrubbed to remove loose dirt. Apply the cleaning solution, let it sit for a short time and then rinse off with clean water. Use the detailing towel to dry and polish the tire and wheel surfaces. For more information on detailing your vehicle, stop by and see the team at Steve Hopkins Honda in Fairfield, CA today.

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