Proper Post Placement

A dead battery might seem like a significant issue, but it can easily be corrected as long as you have jumper cables and another car that has a good battery. Turn off both of the cars before you connect any cables to the batteries. When you look at your battery, you'll see two different posts. One is positive, and the other post is the negative one.

Carefully place the red cable onto the positive post of the battery that is good. Next, put the positive cable on the positive post of your battery. Finish by putting the black cables on the correct posts. Start the vehicle with the good battery. Let the car run for a few minutes before trying to start your car.

Once your vehicle is running, you need to leave it running for a short time to ensure that it doesn't shut off again. Take the black cable from your battery before removing the red cable. While you're in Fairfield, CA, take your vehicle by Steve Hopkins Honda to have your battery checked to determine if it should be replaced.

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