Is It Necessary to Use a Tonneau Cover on Your Truck?

At Steve Hopkins Honda we care about our customers being informed truck owners and understanding how their vehicle works. Most truck owners leave the bed open. However, if you are unhappy with debris that can gather in it from the weather, you are probably considering a tonneau cover. Using a tonneau cover has pros and cons.

Some benefits of using a tonneau cover is security of your belongings and protection from the elements. Another debatable benefit is it improves gas mileage by around one mile per gallon. A drawback of using tonneau covers is you have to remove them each time you load the truck. Some types of tonneau covers take up space in the truck bed too.

Whether or not you use a tonneau cover is up to you. We recommend it because it keeps your truck in better condition longer and protects your belongings. If you ever need to service your vehicle, contact our service center at Steve Hopkins Honda in Fairfield, CA.

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