Avoiding a Tire Blowout Following These Simple Tips

Being able to spot an issue with the health of your car tires will reduce the chance your tires blowout at high speeds and result in you getting involved in a serious accident.

Take a few minutes each week to carefully look at the treads of all the tires. What you are looking for is anything that looks out of the ordinary, from something stuck in the tire, cracks in the tread, to bulges on the side walls. These could result in a tire blowout, so get a mechanic to inspect these issues sooner than later.

Hitting one huge pothole could cause the front end alignment of the car to fail, which could result in the tires wearing incorrectly. If this happens, the tires could be more likely to fail at high speeds.

Visit our service center here at Steve Hopkins Honda and have the front end alignment checked and the tires inspected by our certified tire mechanics.

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