Test Your Car's Battery to Get a Better Idea of Strength

To get a good accurate reading of the voltage in your car's battery, you'll need a voltmeter, gloves and safety glasses. The car engine must be off, open the hood and put on your gloves and glasses.

Make sure you can identify the negative and positive sides of the car battery first. Attach the red voltmeter cable to the positive end of the battery first. Now you can secure the black voltmeter cable to the battery minus side. Turn on the voltmeter when both cables are securely attached. The reading of 12.4 on the voltmeter means your car battery is still holding a charge.

A reading under 12.2 means trouble, the car battery may not be able to hold a charge moving forward and needs to either be inspected or replaced before it fails. Bring your car to Steve Hopkins Honda today so we can give the charging system a full checkup.

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