Prevent Another Fatality and Move Over

The Move Over law is an important one because it actually helps to save countless lives. By simply getting over on the highway when you are passing a stopped vehicle, you are preventing another potential highway fatality. Many people are killed every year on the highways because they were struck by a fast-moving vehicle. Steve Hopkins Honda wants to keep you informed about the Move Over law and its critical provisions.

If it is not possible to get into another lane, you should at least slow down by 15 miles per hour when passing a stopped vehicle. We want to remind you to be careful when driving on the road and to keep an eye out for stopped vehicles. If you can safely pull into the farther lane, then do it. Otherwise, be sure to slow down. You can make a difference and prevent another highway fatality from happening just by making smart choices on interstate commutes. This law is in place for a reason, and we would be more than happy to discuss this matter with you soon.

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