How Is Clay Bar Detailing Performed?

If you want to make your vehicle's exterior as clean as possible, consider clay bar detailing. This process removes dirt and debris that normal washing can't. We want you to be able to provide the best care for your car, so here's some information on how the process works.

The clay material comes in the form of a putty that's molded into a flat disk shape. To ensure that the clay glides over the surface of your car smoothly, a lubricant is sprayed onto the work area. As the clay moves over the surface, it will pick up small debris. It can be reused by simply kneading the material and creating another smooth round surface that can get rid of dirt.

Stop by Steve Hopkins Honda today for clay bar detailing. Our team in Fairfield, CA will work diligently to ensure that your vehicle's exterior is smooth, shiny, and ready for any protective coating.

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