The Importance of Your Vehicle's Belts and Hoses

Your vehicle is full of parts and components that work together to help your car function and perform well. Belts and hoses make up a large percentage of your vehicle, and maintaining them is essential.

There are many types of belts and hoses in vehicles. They largely drive the engine and its accessories like the water pump, fan, air injection pump, alternator, and more. The timing belt is responsible for maintaining synchronization between the valves and pistons in the engine. The serpentine belt is responsible for transferring the power from the crankshaft to all the other engine-components. Other hoses transfer liquids like coolant, fuel, or brake fluid throughout various areas of the car.

When a hose or belt isn't maintained properly, the performance of your vehicle can suffer. For all of your belt and hose-service needs, come see is at Steve Hopkins Honda in Fairfield, CA today!

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