The Essentials for Planning a Safe Holiday Road Trip

Before you put that first box of presents in the car for the big holiday road trip, it is important you pack some safety equipment that you can use on the roads to ensure you get to your destination is as timely a manner as possible.

Consider these safety essentials for that upcoming holiday road trip.
  • Keep a set of good quality jumper cables in the trunk so that you have the ability to get jump-started if the battery fails.
  • Check the air pressure in the spare tire and carry along a couple cans of tire inflator for the long drive.
  • You might be surprised how many emergency repairs you can make with one roll of duct tape.
  • If you bring along a gallon of engine coolant, then you can get rolling faster after the car overheats.
Be sure you make some time to visit Steve Hopkins Honda so we can perform a quick holiday travels check-up on your vehicle.
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