Headlight Maintenance for Your Safety

Although driving at night can be difficult, there are ways to help enhance your visibility while on the road. Visit the dealership to get ways in which you can maintain your headlights and help to prevent accidents on our roads. Some of the standard measures include;

• Use brighter bulbs in your car- don’t stay with the standard halogen bulbs if you feel they are not working for you. Replace them with Xenon High-Intensity Discharge bulbs which produce a brighter light that will give you better visibility of the road. The lamps may generate less heat as compared to the halogen bulbs.

• Consider adding external driving lights- when going off-road, you will need better visibility especially if the area is fogy. You can fix extra light fixtures on the body of your car to improve visibility.

• Change the enclosure covering your bulbs- go for enclosures that are more reflective. They have a magnifying effect on the light produced by your bulbs.

Visit Steve Hopkins Honda in Fairfield, CA, for advice on the right option to take. Your dealer can also do regular servicing to ensure that your lights are clean and install new ones when need be.

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