Get the Meanings of Your Dashboard Warning Lights

Your vehicle’s dashboard has a set of lights that will alert you when something goes wrong. The Steve Hopkins Honda sales team is pleased to share the meanings of several common dashboard warning lights you may encounter so that you can be prepared.

The engine temperature light looks similar to a ship with the sails down. This indicates that your engine is too hot. Your oil pressure warning light indicates when your engine oil is running low. It could also mean that there is a problem with your car’s oil pressure system that you need to have checked by an authorized service technician. The ABS warning light indicates that you need to check your anti-lock brake system. You may also encounter your automatic shift lock warning light, indicating that you should step on the brake pedal to get the car out of neutral or to start the engine. Another common light is your battery alert warning light, which can mean that the charging system in your car is short of power or that your vehicle is running solely on the battery power.

If these lights and other lights on your dashboard come on, do not shrug it off. Visit Steve Hopkins Honda for service in Fairfield, CA.

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