Why You Should Use Windshield Wiper Fluid Instead of Water

The most important reason not to use water for windshield wiper fluid is that it will freeze in cold weather. Regular washer fluid never freezes due to its alcohol content so when the ice and snow comes, you can be prepared.

It cleans better than water because it has special solvents designed to clean dirt, grime, and salt from your windshield. It keeps your glass clean from bugs and pollen in the warmer weather. Clean glass is important for you because you need to see clearly when driving.

Steve Hopkins Honda should check your windshield wiper fluid as part of your annual tune-up. They can suggest what type would be best depending on the season and prepare you. When you use windshield wiper fluid on the windshield, it acts as an anti-freeze and inhibits ice formation on the glass. It helps with fogging on a rainy day.

Call Steve Hopkins Honda in Fairfield soon for a tune-up and to check your wiper fluid for the colder weather.
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