Learn Which Type of Tire is Right for Your Vehicle

There are many different types of tires in the consumer market, so which type is the the right one to use? Most tires, aside from special performance brands, are designed to operate in specific seasons. These categories typically breakdown into summer, winter, and all-season tires.

  • Summer tires perform best in warmer months and are specially designed to accommodate for wet roadways in the event of rainfall. These tires also absorb more sound, providing you with a comfortable, quiet ride.
  • Winter tires are ideal in snowy and icy conditions. They often come with large metal or rubber studding and thicker treads that are great at gripping slippery roads.
  • Lastly, All-Season or Hybrid tires are the best of both worlds. They manage to maintain mileage performance, reduce sound, and operate moderately well in light snow.

Come visit Steve Hopkins Honda in Fairfield to inquire about our tire selections, and speak with our trained professionals as to which type of tire may be best for you!

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